Sunday, March 24, 2013

Big harvest March 23rd and recipe for Spinach Tofu Scrambler

Garden gods are shining on me this season! Those are the 10th and 11th gallon sized bags of organic field greens I've harvested this year, the 2nd huge batch of spinach (3 types), 2nd batch of radishes, the 2nd batch of off shoots of broccoli after the main heads were harvested two weeks ago, and the first handful of snow peas

Spinach Tofu Scrambler
Great for breakfast tacos with Soyrizo.

1 pound firm or extra firm tofu, drained and rinsed
2 tbs canola oil
4 tbs nutritional yeast (what the heck is nutritional yeast?)
1/2 tbs onion powder
1/2 tbs garlic powder
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
several cups of fresh spinach, torn into peices

Heat the oil in a large non-stick or cast iron skillet on high-medium heat for a couple minutes. Add the tofu to the pan and break into tiny peices with a fork or spatula until it resembled scrambled eggs. Add 1/4 cup water if using extra firm tofu.

Add remaining ingredients and cook until tofu is hot through and yellow and the spinach is wilted. Season with other herbs and spicy as desired. I like cumin and basil.

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