Sunday, June 23, 2013

SAWS Water Saver Coupon and some plants around here

 Yesterday  I got my coupon packet from SAWS (San Antonio Water System). I signed up to convert 200 square feet of my yard to drought tolerant plants and they're giving me $400 in coupons to buy the plants they recommend and mulch from a local nursery. They give you several options for the plants, but I think I have narrowed my choices down to what I want. I really like the planting diagrams.

I decided to use the back corner of my yard for this project. The reason is pretty simple: we bought an electric lawn mower and it doesn't quite make it back to the corner of the lot. That, and it seems like grass has a tough time growing there due to the partial shade and lack of water. Currently there is some grass, some lawnflower and some weeds, most frusteratingly green briar. There is also an old stump.

Here are a few things that are actually growing around here. None of which are truly mine.

These geraniums were hand-me-downed to me from my friend who was moving out of her house.

She also gave me these nifty plant stands, and the frogs in the lower picture. The plants on these stands and the ones below belong to my friend who is staying with us for the summer.
 I like this jade plant and the Egyptian lily. These are all on my shaded front porch.
 Lastly here are some marigold sprouts my friend started from some apparently really old seeds her mom collected. 

Edited to add some photos from my "real" camera after I bought some batteries today. :-)

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