Sunday, July 14, 2013

SAWS water coupon, in progress!

So, I probably should be posting a little bit more frequently. Now that nursing school is winding down (last day is 36 days away!)  I hope to get more time to update my blogs, for sure.

First off, I had my lawn consultation with the amazingly helpful and awesome Brad Wier, a conservation consultant for the San Antonio Water System, on July 9.

It was great to talk to someone who likes plants as much as me for awhile! He gave me a whole lot to consider about my Watersaver's coupon and actually my whole lawn.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture while he was here. :-(

Yesterday morning-ish (c'mon, it was Saturday!) I went with the help of my husband and parents and got all my plants and mulch.

Here's what the back of my Yaris looked like! I also had an Anacacho orchid tree in my front seat! Multiply that times 3  (an also-full Prius and Jetta) and you can understand the massiveness of this project.

Using my coupons, I saved $200 on $400 worth of landscaping materials.

I planted my orchid tree last night and dug some holes for the 7 indigo spires sage in front of it. I think I may have spaced them a little too close, but it was dark by the time I was digging holes.

In front of the sage will be 7 New Gold lantana. I have a big shrubby tree stump in there, too.

As of 10 AM on Sunday I have this bed 100% planted. I just need to finish covering all the lawn bits with cardboard and then smother them with the mulch. I am only concerned about 1 plant -- a sage which was really root bound and wilty by the time I got it home. I top dressed it with some extra compost and gave it some extra water.

The second bed directly juts off the side of the first. 

My original plan was to have it come off the other side, but when I brought my plants home I realized I wanted to be able to see them from my kitchen table. Especially since they were already being visited by hummingbirds.

This bed will start with 3 red yucca followed by a big purple Cenzio sage. I knew I wanted to plant one of these as soon as I could since they start blooming around the time of year we bought our house. :-)

The rest of this bed is autumn sage and will end with some rosemary. I am hoping to put a bench in there by the rosemary.

My goal is to finish planting everything tomorrow and work on the cardboard/mulch/smothering over the next week.


  1. Good job! Those a great plant selections Ruthie. It's already looking so good. The Indigo Spires will be fine either way, sometimes it's nice to have things close so they fill in faster. I almost always stuff things in close.

  2. Nice! I used cardboard and mulch as well all between my new raised beds that I carved out of my lawn. Do you have Bermuda grass? I find that it's sending runners overground into the cardboard and mulch. Not to mention the underground runners. I'm having hubby install 12" deep edging around the raised bed area to keep the grass from spreading back in.